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Sunday, 13 January 2019

OnePlus 7 leaks with intact display and a camera slider

OnePlus 6T has been out for three months now and we're three or four months away from the release of the next OnePlus flagship i.e., OnePlus 7. There's not much we know about what features the 7 will have, though we've made quite the wishlist of what we want it to have, but we do know that the OnePlus 7 is not going to be the OnePlus's first 5G headset.

Where's the camera?

The above image allegedly shows the top part of the OnePlus 7 alongside with OnePlus 6T, with only the screen, covering the edges of the phone outside the holes for various ports and sensors. A lot can be uncovered from this image, and the first thing you may notice is that there is no notch, no hole punch, no obstruction or intrusion into the screen of any kind. There's a larger grill above that beautiful, screen than one over the 6T, but here we can see that these cases are covering the prototype of OnePlus 7.

The case on the 6T stops immediately after the top speaker bracket, but the case on the OnePlus 7 extends a bit higher. You can see a gap between the top of the frame and the top of the case through the large circular port that looks an awful lot like a camera port, and sitting over to the right is another pill-shaped hole about the size of a notification LED and ambient light sensor.

If  OnePlus 7 does go to the slider route, we hope that OnePlus uses the manual slider instead of motorized slider. There's an intense tactile feel when clicking out a manual slider.

These reports are just a hunch for now, but there are possibilities that some of the information provided here is true.

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