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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

One Plus 3. The Flagship Killer?

OnePlus 3
The One Plus have made their name from their previous phones the One Plus 1 and the One Plus 2 and both were very well known for their impressive specs for a very reasonable price. Big specs and low price, that’s what one plus does the best. This year they are back with their new flagship device the One Plus 3. Will this phone also be called as the flagship killer like its predecessors? Lets find out.


The phone looks  very simple. It’s has a unibody metal design with the fingerprint scanner on the front, USB C port on the bottom and the button placement is same like its predecessors. The only difference is the camera. The size of the optics has been increased and also the phone is much thinner now which eventually makes the camera hump pop out. This may not be an issue for many users but there would have been no problem if they would have retained the dimensions of the phone which could accommodate a larger battery. One Plus has also introduced a case with the sandstone texture on it just incase if the users miss the sandstone texture like that on the One Plus 1 or the One Plus 2.


The One Plus 3 has a 5.5 inch optic Amoled display with a resolution of 1080x1920 (401 ppi). The screen is made of corning gorilla glass 4 and can withstand heavy drops. One Plus are still stuck to the 1080p panel to keep the price tag of the phone low. Though it a 1080p panel, the display looks very vibrant because of its Amoled screen. The colors are not over saturated and look warm in bright light.

Internals & Memory

It comes with the snapdragon 820 chipset and adreno 530 GPU. It is boosted with a whopping 6 GB ram which makes the phone very fast. The high end internals makes the phone one of the fastest on the market. Playing a heavy loaded game, multitasking, taking multiple images, etc can be done with no issues. The phone comes with 64 GB of internal memory and is not expandable. The phone comes with Oxygen OS 3.0 based on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


The One Plus 3 has a 16 MP Sony sensor on the back and a 8 MP shooter on the front. There are no special features or something on this phone but just normal solid choices like OIS, fast Auto-focus, face detection, exposure, etc. The camera app is decently fast and can easily take a bunch of snaps with ease. The images are fairly well balanced and look really good. The camera with the design of this phone looks really simple. If One Plus would have added laser auto focus to the camera, the phone would somewhat look more premium.


It has a 3000mAh battery and for a 1080p phone this would be adequate. The battery life is pretty decent. The phone can easily last a whole day with 4-5 hours of screen on time. The One Plus now have introduced something called as Dash charging which is basically fast charging as they provide a 4 Amp charger which can boost up the charging in very less time.

Our Verdict

The One Plus 3 will undoubtedly be the best budget phone of this year. It has a fast performance, premium built, good camera and good battery life which is essential for a smartphone to be good. High end specs with low price tag makes this a really good deal.

- Shashank Gampa         

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