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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Best Features of Android M!

Best Features of Android M!

Android M

Android M was recently Announced in the Google I/O. There ate lot of different changes and features in the Android M and these are the few of the best features of it!

App Permissions

App Permissions in Android M

When you actually want to install an app in your Android device it first asks you permissions whether you agree or not. But now its all changed in Android M! No longer permissions are granted in M and you can also select which ones to allow and which ones to restrict. You can have a lot more control on App Permissions and these are also in App now which might be kinda necessary.

Now on Tap

Now on Tap in Android M

This feature actually brings Google on anywhere virtually on your device. So even if you are on a third party app, you can still do a voice search and access a Google card within the application and it would be contextually aware. It actually analyses what's there on the screen and will provide you information based on that.


Doze in Android M

This is actually to give your device a much deeper state of sleep to approve standby time and it uses built in sensors in the device to do this. This actually does this at the expense of less apps refreshing in the background but not all functionality is completely lost but any high priority notification like alarm and other important notifications will still come through.

Android Pay

Android Pay in Android M

This is actually Google's answer to Apple pay but being able to pay with your Android device is not something new. We have been doing this from the ginger bread days in Google wallet but the biggest difference here is that you no longer have to open up an application like the google wallet to authenticate the transactions. This will work with any device from KitKat to Android M but it will work best with the devices having Android M with a finger print sensor as Android M has a full point finger print support. 

App Linking

With app linking you are no longer going to experience the very annoying pop up if you want to open a file in Chrome, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It instead intelligently analyses that link and opens up the application to which its programmed. For example if someone sends you a twitter link on messenger, it won't ask you whether to open on chrome or any other third party app but instantly opens up on Twitter.

What do you think about Android M? We would love to hear your comments/opinions about it! See you in the discussion section!

- Shashank Gampa

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