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Saturday, 16 May 2015

OnePlus Power bank Review!

OnePlus Power bank

Ever wished to own a super stylish, finely finished, gigantic and breathe taking power bank? If your answer is a big YES, then here is the OnePlus Power bank!

What is the OnePlus Power bank? Well, have you heard of One plus One mobile? The creators of The OnePlus Power bank are the makers of OnePlus Power bank. The OnePlus Power bank is a very affordable one which comes in two different colours - one with the sand stone black finishing and the other with silky white.

Talking about the specs of The OnePlus Power bank, has got a whooping 10000mAh capacity with lithium polymer batteries. (If you haven’t heard about the Li-Polymer batteries click here). The charge time is very less! you can charge it to 100% within 6 hrs. It is quiet fast and amazing compared with other major Power bank’s in the market like Xiaomi. Battery indicator LEDs is awoken with a gentle shake. 
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OnePlus Power bank

There are four LED lights which help us to find out the percentage of battery available. Of all, the best thing about this Power bank is that you can charge two Mobile phones at a time as it has got two charging sockets.. for a 3100mAh mobile battery, you can charge it three times.. Of all, the look & feel doesn’t make you think that it is a power bank. It is top-notch in all the aspects. 

Are you now thinking about the cost of this product? Don’t worry! The Mighty OnePlus Power bank is available for just Rs.997 via Amazon India!
 Do check our other posts on the OnePlus Power bank! What do you say about the OnePlus Power bank? We would love to hear your comments/opinions! See you in the discussion section!

- Abhiram Reddy

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