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Monday, 20 April 2015

OnePlus Two & OnePlus Powerbank News!

OnePlus Two & OnePlus Powerbank News!

OnePlus One
The past weekend OnePlus announced an event that would be held on Monday. The company was likely to launch the OnePlus One successor, OnePlus Two. It is going to be released in two versions. One is premium and one is cheaper. They also confirmed a 10000mAh battery power bank to be launched in India and will be sold in partnership with Amazon by the last week of April.

The company tweeted “From here on out, anything could happen. #NeverSettle”. Another tweet stated “April 20th. Can you guess what’s happening #NeverSettle”
In the start of the pleasant year of 2015, OnePlus Co-Founder Carl Pei had confirmed that the OnePlus Two successor to the One will be launched in the 2nd or the 3rd quarter of 2015. As Carl Pei earlier stated that the two versions will cater “to a different type of audience. Perhaps for those who appreciate design over specs,” will arrive towards the end of the year. A recent interview conducted by Bloomberg stated the same time period of launching the next devices.
OnePlus Powerbank

Leaks and Rumours

The OnePlus Two smartphone can support a solid metal frame rather than the already very solid poly-carbonate build of the “2014 Flagship Killer” smartphone. A report even claims that the Two will be priced higher than the One because it will be made of a metal frame. The One was priced at $299 for 16GB model and $349 for 64GB model.
There is no official word from the house of OnePlus about the Monday launch.
OnePlus India Head, Vikas Agarwal has confirmed about the 10000mAh battery and says the sale will start in the last week of April. He also stated that the Battery Banks would be available alongside the Bamboo Covers for the One smartphone will be launching in India soon. The power bank will most probably prices around $15 which is Rs.950 approximately.

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- Roshan Singh

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