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Monday, 13 April 2015

OnePlus One to receive CyanogenMod 12S soon!

OnePlus One to receive CyanogenMod 12S soon!

The most eagerly anticipated CyanogenMod 12S update by the OnePlus One users is expected to be out in a few days!

News about CM12 Update

OnePlus, after failing to release the CyanogenMod 12S update featuring Android v5.0.2 on 31st March as the ETA they told previously... said: "Unfortunately, CM12 won't be OTAing today due to certification issues as well. All parties are working together to resolve the problems as soon as possible. I understand the frustration and we will definitely be more careful with our ETAs in the future."

The Co-Founder of OnePlus Carl Pei has now confirmed that the update has got certification and it will be out within a few days.

The while, Steve Kondik, the CTO of Cyanogen, in response to the CyanogenMod 12S update delay for OnePlus One posted in Google+ saying: "Seriously though, a new test suite came out because of MR1 literally the same day as we submitted, and so we had to redo the whole process with the new one."
He also confirmed the OTA will be rolled out as soon as possible. "It's just as frustrating for us because we are in scramble mode and really want to ship our hard work. Hopefully we'll get the signoff in the next day or two. We'll immediately send the OTA as soon as we get that email."
He further said: "We usually send the OTA in batches and watch our systems for any weird logs at first. Since a lot of users make changes that we can't always predict, we have to make sure things aren't breaking. For example, we just learned that the recovery they (Oxygen) are installing (some TWRP version) often fails to flash all of the baseband images, bricking tons of devices to EDL mode when they try and return to CM. We have a setup that I'm comfortable with my Mom using, but there's no real way to accommodate for arbitrary mods of the stock ROM" in response to a query with regards to the availability of a download link for the update.
Last week, OnePlus launched its native operating system, the OxygenOS which is very light and carries fine and useful features which has Gestures, Customization and Quick Settings. The OS is designed to deliver streamlined performance and it is bloatware-free.

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