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Sunday, 5 April 2015

OnePlus One - Oxygen OS

OnePlus One - Oxygen OS!

Oxygen OS
Picture Credits - MKBHD
After the great wait for the Oxygen OS custom Android-based ROM, It has finally rolled out. It wasn't an easy task for the OnePlus, as they had a lot of hitches to release this OS!

The OnePlus team has come up with a cool, smart OS which is buttery smooth and personally customized for the ONE to extend battery life, and make the most out of the superior processor and the phone as well.

Oxygen OS       Oxygen OS    Oxygen OS

The update is a just around 750 megabytes (quite small for a new OS) as you can predict only few applications are included (pure Google applications).

The essentials like gallery, customization settings, screencast, Audio FX  which were previously present in CM11S are no more there. Sadly, now the camera does not support recording videos in 4K or in slow motion. 

However the OnePlus team mentioned, they might include the apps and features in future updates (so,lets hope for the best).

Alright, People might stick to CM but hey Oxygen is a complete new OS which people should give it a try as the team ensures in improvisation of the OS in the future (after all it’s their Debut) 

This OS needs to be flashed on to your phone! Instructions and download link are here: OnePlus One Oxygen OS.

- Samay Pusarla

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