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Saturday, 4 April 2015

The upcoming iPhone news!

Apple's iPhone 6C & 6S, release delayed - Says KGI Analyst

iPhone 6S

In the astounding series of events, it now seems that the 4-inched iPhone 6 model might not debut in 2015. This might come across as a bummer, to eager apple customers. On the other hand, more details have been tweaked about the much anticipated "Force Touch" feature of the upcoming iPhone.

As confirmed by KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the rumours about the launch of three new iPhone models this year were false. Kuo also shared news about how Apple is trying to inculcate new features in future iPhone models, creating a sense of excitement amongst many. One of the briefly described features included the "Force Touch" technology, a feature that allows the iPhone to recognize and respond, only when "adequately" touched.
According to the report the upcoming iPhone will have a sensor, placed under the backlight that will analyse as to how much of the user's finger actually comes in contact with the screen. This shall help recalibrate the phones response to touch, allowing your iPhone to differentiate between a touch and a light tap. This technology has been previously witnessed in the Galaxy Note range by Samsung, however Kuo claims that Apple is aiming to take it to the "next level".

In further speculation, this major upgrade might lead to the next iPhone being called "iPhone 7", instead of names such as iPhone 6S and iPhone 6C. This special feature however, might only be made available in the higher end models, due to the extortionate cost of the sensors. It has also been confirmed that the screen size for this new model would be 4 inches, making it smaller compared to previous iPhone models.

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-Kartikeya Jain, Elite Extremez.

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