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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Asus launches a VivoWatch which lasts upto 10 days!

Asus VivoWatch Initial Details!

Asus VivoWatch

In the current trend of “Smart-Watches”, Asus has finally announced their first game-breaker! The VivoWatch is finally revealed, and so are several new exciting features.

While details about pricing launch date, etc. were kept under enclosure, it was confirmed that the Asus VivoWatch shall be a portable device, focused at monitoring ones fitness levels. The new exquisite item is designed to withstand and endure rough encounters, coming equipped with a tough stainless steel body, dust and water resistance, a welded encasing and much more!

Asus VivoWatch

Some other interesting features would be the build in heart rate monitor and sleep tracker, allowing the user to keep record of their vitals, and monitor their overall body health. The watch is also anticipated to have a very enduring battery life, which is claimed to last for about ten days on a single charge! 
The VivoWatch also has a very sleek, yet refined design. The screen seems to have a black and white display mode variation, which is speculated to aid the battery life. A green LED strip is seen at the bottom of the screen, and the watch’s wrist strap is observed to have a gripped yet light-weighted design. 
The Operating System for the device however, seem to be independent of Google’s android wear, leading to further speculation as to what its interface would be like. More details regarding the variations and features are expected to be tweaked during the Milan Fashion Week. Stay tuned in for any updates on the much anticipated Asus VivoWatch!

We would love to hear your opinions about the Ausu VivoWatch! See you in the discussion section!

-Kartikeya Jain

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