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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Amazon is out with a new product!

Amazon Dash Button!

Amazon Dash Button

In an attempt to attract more household goods customers, Amazon is out with a new device named the Dash Button that can place orders to replenish items such as washing powder, razors etc.

The Dash Button is to be attached to appliances in your home, and when pressed, it processes a quick delivery request. This service is only  available to users of Amazon's premium subscription service, The Amazon Prime.

Prime Now guarantees one-hour delivery on essential daily items, is available in four cities of US, and it has also been trialling deliveries by drone. This a big innovation by Amazon!! On Monday, the firm launched Amazon Home Services, which allows customers to order the household goods!
The Amazon Dash Button is connected with the Amazon app in your phone and you can place the order by pressing the dash button!
We would love to hear your opinions about the Amazon Dash Button! See you in the discussion section!

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