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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Xiaomi's treat for the next Billion!

Xiaomi new low budget phone

Xiaomi's low budget phone

Companies like Micromax, Lava, Karbonn and a dozen other manufacturers have been doling out android phone for sub 4000 prices since some time hoping to capture the market that will be created by billions of people in developing countries who'll be buying their first phone or shifting from a feature phone to a cheap smartphone. To be honest, none of them have made a phone worth using, as low price means low quality hardware which makes it impossible to use the phone for any smart purposes.

Xiaomi, which has took the market by storm with it's low price phones with high quality and specification is going to give these companies a run for their money by venturing into this space. According to reports, one of Xiaomi's next offerings is going to be a redmi lookalike with a ultracheap but efficient Leadcore 2GHz Cortex A7 series processor. It will cost no more than 4000 rupees and have a HD display for that price when other companies are struggling to provide qHD at that price. The phone will have 1GB RAM, which is good enough to run any basic app, Mali GPU.

But my favourite LTE! Yes, this is going to be the cheapest LTE phone, in fact it is so cheap it undercuts the 2nd cheapest LTE phone by a whole 2 thousand rupees. An LTE phone at this price range is extremely important for the 4G revolution to kick off.

So, what do you guys think about this phone? Share your thoughts in the comments..

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